Friday, May 21, 2010

pointers, not things

Consciousness (capitalized)

is not the awareness of something;

Consciousness is pure existence.

Existence and Consciousness

are one and the same.

---Steven Norquist


  1. Fascinating quote...Consciousness with a capital C is existence itself, and I assume consciousness that is not capitalized is awareness, that strange medium through which sensations and thoughts are known. The field of awareness is something like the photographic plate that a photo develops on. I haven't read Norquist's The Haunted Universe, would you recommend it? It sounded perhaps something slightly like Suzanne Segal's Collision With the Infinite...Consciousness that wakes up from the dream of separation, but is still in sort of a limbo land. I love the way that oneness is realized with such multiplicity and uniqueness! Thanks for posting this intriguing quote, it has definitely perked up alertness here.

  2. Hi Colleen, sorry I forgot to respond to this comment.

    Sometimes Awareness gets the capital and consciousness doesn't.

    Is that image/metaphor of the photographic plate yours?

    I looked at Norquist's book on-line. I don't remember being too sold on it, but I wrote down that one line. Glad you like it, too.