Friday, May 21, 2010

non-objective existence

There is no "one" Here,

And "Here" is not a location

For any "thing."


  1. Just checking how "Here" is not a location. In reality there can't be a "here" because that would imply a "there" and that would be dualistic. Right?

  2. As you say, ordinarily "here" and "there" are conceptual polar opposites, and thus dualistic artifacts.

    "Here"(capitalized) is often used as an admittedly crude pointer to Non-objective Existence --- "This"--- which admits of no True reference. In that case, "Here" does not mean "a" location, an objective place "somewhere."

  3. I see, thank you. And now I realize that I haven't been paying much attention to capitalization. This is probably going to sound like a stupid question but, does capitalization indicate what is true?

  4. Most of the words used to symbolize or point to "the Truth" have ordinary, dualistic meanings. So, in order to highlight a non-ordinary usage, capitalization is employed.

    If by indicate you mean point to, then yes. If you mean convey "what is True," then no, as that is not possible.

    Note that I capitalized the word True. The word so employed, doesn't mean the opposite of "what is false," but points to "What IS."

  5. I appreciate your answer. I feel like I'm learning a new language, where listening and understanding seem easy but speaking clearly and accurately is a challenge for me.

  6. Hi Diane, don't feel bad! I don't believe that it's possible to talk accurately about "This." Moreover, it seems to diminish the mental anguish of all concerned to keep this in mind.

    Wayne Liquorman paints a funny image of someone who has watched brain surgery and now believes that the scalpel is "the answer." So, when no one's looking, he takes the scalpel and goes back out on the street, looking for people "to help." Of course, such application of the scalpel/tool will probably only make "a bloody mess."

    So, we could say that you're learning to employ these sometimes very sharp conceptual instruments with skill and care.

    Finally, as I see it, these "tools" aren't ultimately for building up the correct view to have(as there isn't any "one" to have any such "thing"), but for eventually deconstructing any and all viewpoints that seem to "eclipse" Empty Clarity.

    As usual, it's a pleasure to exchange with you.