Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So long as there's the sense of being an entity, separate from the rest of totality, there will be the sense of undergoing experience as something that happens to or for that entity.


  1. Nice one.

    As you say, "the sense of being an entity". Identification disengages from the mesmerizing appearance of a separate being.

    I'm thinking the appearance of a dream body and an accompanying dream personality, and an accompanying world, still functions the play of separation for the last karmic play perhaps, through which wisdom can then outshine in every triumphant expression, with boundless grace, and natural acceptance, even in the garb of a boisterous, annihilator like Nisargadatta.

    Thanks for your kind nature and your humor with my wordiness and all.

  2. No prob, you and your poetic wordiness are very welcome!
    I like your image of separation(duality) as a play.