Thursday, March 11, 2010

"direct-non volitional-apperceiving"

You don't awaken; what has been eternally awake realizes itself. That which is eternally awake is what you are.---Adyashanti


  1. Yes, this is what it is, as I see it. Once I woke up in 1977 during a month long solitary meditation retreat in the Michigan woods. As I arose from my sleeping bag and looked over the open field from where my retreat hut stood just inside the tree line, the realization arose with the words..."nothing sleeps" This is the case.

    Sokuzan Bob Brown

  2. I like the minimalism and directness of this pointer.

    To me, it is not that different from your pointer that "There is no ["Fred" / one / separate person ] to see, accept, or understand anything, and vice versa."

  3. DJH, good point! Your comment also seems to be in line with this Wei Wu Wei pointer I just came across,"There is no such "thing" to aim at, seek or look for, as what one is. On ceasing to seek or to look---one is present."

  4. .

    I like Wei Wu Wei. Very smart fellow. Good at stacking up words that point to the Truth.
    If you care to view it there is a video of a talk I recently gave in New Jersey, basically on Beginners Mind. It was just posted so not many views. It is on youtube and is titled "Bob in the Red Room". I tell the story of "nothing sleeps" toward the middle of it..

    I hope it is ok to mention this on Where Can One Stand.

    Thanks, Bob


  5. Hey Bob, glad to hear you like WWW. I'll check out your talk.