Wednesday, June 16, 2010

objectivisation is the only obstacle

Phenomena are extended in 'space' and have duration in 'time',

without which they could not be perceived,

and without which there could be no perceiver:

both must 'last' in order that anything can be known at all.

Such is the essential characteristic of phenomenality,

whereas noumenality,


knows no such limitations.

---Wei Wu Wei


  1. "objectivisation is the only obstacle"...meaning we see things as limited, separate, independent objects apart from the whole. We see and experience ourselves as limited, separate, independent objects apart from the whole...and this hurts! It's scary and not-fun to be an object/person- limited and apart and doomed and insignificant.

    I keep feeling somewhat "stuck" in my head- like there is a glimpse of what these words are pointing to...but I'm turning it into head-stuff, concepts, instead of waking up out of misunderstanding and delusion. Oh well, my intuition tells me to quit "trying" and just relax into being the undefined awareness that is in fact very much here...Thanks for more great pointers.

    It dawns on me that objectivisation is the only obstacle- and here I am without realizing it- trying to "fit" truth into the head, to make it into an object in the head, to make it into a concept...This very process of translating ineffable is-ness into objects/concepts is in fact the obstacle!...