Sunday, June 20, 2010

no "where" to go

You stand at the edge
Ready to throw yourself in.

What a shock to discover

There is nowhere to go
And no one to throw.

---Wayne Liquorman (Ram Tzu)


  1. A shock occurs in reading these words--- I disappear from my own mind.

  2. For me, Ram Tzu has been something of an acquired taste. He's not very nice. The following Ram Tzu piece seems connected to the one above, and also to Suzanne Foxton's comment to your recent blog entry.

    Ram Tzu knows this...

    You've never known
    What's good for you.
    Not really.

    You've always chosen the way
    Of least or greatest resistance.

    The middle way,
    The way without struggle,
    Is frightening to you.

    In the middle of the river
    Where the current runs
    Swift and deep
    All your efforts
    Are meaningless.

    There you will surely drown.

    THAT would be terrible.