Friday, January 22, 2010

"knock, knock"

Wei Wu Wei tells us that no such "thing" as a "self" exists, or ever could exist.
Because it would require a second self to know the first!


  1. Is this a new format? Looks nice(r)

    It sounds to me as if this pointer could be extrapolated to include all; or every"thing" - if a starting point of "Not Two" is accepted.

    Doesn't Shankara or a Gita or something say "the one without a second"?

    In other words, no such thing as a discrete thing exists or could exist.

  2. I'm guessing that you're liking this format more than the one for Untruths.(I do too.)
    I think the uniqueness of this pointer is that I already sense that there's just one of me. This demonstrates that I cannot be an object, "a self."
    I agree that as Liquorman said, "In Non-duality there isn't anything."