Saturday, January 23, 2010

"You're seeing things."

Perception(cognizing things) is a constructing in space and time. Without an extending from some reference point, there is no "space" or "time" and thus, no basis for "perception".


  1. You are using the word perception to refer to something conceptually "dualistic"? Then you need the word "apperception" I guess, though I don't know that the word perception necessarily implies a perceiver-subject and a perceived-object.
    In other words, perception needn't mean "cognizing things" - it could be more open than that, perhaps.

  2. Yes, as Wei Wu Wei pointed out, that is using the word in a way that is etymologically correct(I'll post his uniquely brilliant relevant passage). Then, as you say, the word apperception could be used to point to non-dual "perception". I HAVE seen terms such as "direct perception" and "pure perception" used for that.