Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Organisms organize, and human organisms organize meaning.--- William Perry

[My notion] that a given individual may over time come to organize her experience according to a higher order principle suggests that what we take as subject and what we take as object are not necessarily fixed for us. They are not permanent. They can change.

In fact, transforming our epistemologies, liberating ourselves from that in which we are embedded, making what was subject into object so that we can "have it" rather than "be had" by it---this is the most powerful way I know to conceptualize the growth of the mind.

It is a way of conceptualizing the growth of the mind that is as faithful to the self-psychology of the West as it is to the "wisdom literature" of the East. The roshis and lamas speak to the growth of the mind in terms of our developing ability to relate to what we were formerly attached to.

---from "In Over Our Heads, The Mental Demands of Modern Life" by Robert Kegan

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