Saturday, November 20, 2010

Undivided, mind IS Apperceiving

Wei Wu Wei used a term I like very much: apperception.

The pointer of this term was to suggest perception without a perceiver, knowing without a knower.

This apperception is a knowing beyond the organism, a knowing that is TOTAL...not relative.

--- Wayne Liquorman


  1. When I first read this post it instantly made sense. But now a couple of days later, an old question resurfaces.

    If the mind can't comprehend the Absolute and Oneness can't know itself, how can we know anything for sure?

    I guess that's where the word "apperceiving" is useful. It's a different kind of perceiving than the mind is used to, "a knowing without a knower."

  2. Diane, yes, the term 'apperceiving,' used this way, indicates "a knowing without a knower, or anything known."

    Have you noticed that I changed the title for the post about the geese and their reflection. "Mirror-Mind" upstream of any "one" to perceive/conceive any "thing" is im-mediate, not yet divided into "subject" and "object," prior to "us" wanting to know any "thing."

  3. Yes, I think the previous title was no-mind, which worked, but the new title is even more "to the point." :)

  4. It is a bit heavy-handed, but I wanted to show a link between successive posts, around the term 'apperceiving.'