Wednesday, November 24, 2010


What is given us

primarily, immediately,

is a continuum

which is not divisible into atoms;

but as we "experience" it,

it divides itself

into an infinity of atoms.

--- from "Living by Zen" by D.T. Suzuki


  1. Really interesting passage. I especially like how D.T. specifies that the continuum "divides itself."

  2. Diane, I'm curious as to what you like about the way D.T. put that.

  3. Hi Tom, I'll try to explain. The mind would like to take credit or blame for as much as it can. What is seen in the relative world "exists" because "someone" experiences it, and the mind would like to claim some responsibility for it being sensed.

    The mind wants to think it is generating thoughts, figuring things out, creating separate things by experiencing them, dividing, etc., when ultimately there is only One.

    So if the continuum "which is not divisible" is dividing itself, then the mind isn't even performing its own shenanigans, and that realization is at once a relief and funny. :D

  4. Hi Diane, whatever we say about these things is what Wayne calls 'notional.' That said, I like Ramesh' reminder "not to leave yourself out" of the Total Functioning. When people hear how everything is the 'Functioning of Totality,' they often think of what 'they are doing' as somehow not included. IOW, we CAN say that the mind is 'doing' all those things but is not 'authoring' them, is not a separate source.