Thursday, April 1, 2010

Why Are We Unaware of Awareness?

THE ANSWER is that split-mind, cognising by means of a subject cognising objects, cannot cognise its own "wholeness" as its object.

There is no need to cognise our "wholeness," and it is forever impossible to do so, for there is no "thing" here to cognise and no "thing" there to be cognised.

Any attempt to cognise what is cognising---and is thereby incognisable---forbids apperception of what-we-are. Such apperception is not a function of split-mind. It can only be an im-mediate apperception released by some sensorial stimulus---auditory, visual, tactile, or of an unrecognizable origin.

---Wei Wu Wei

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  1. "We" don't have to look in order to "see" that "this" is wherever "we" happen to be.