Friday, April 30, 2010

'The Pure in Heart'

'"Blessed are the pure in heart---for they shall SEE God"!' quoted the unicorn, 'does that not apply to us?'

'Thank you,' concluded the owl, bowing formally, 'so you shall, so indeed you would be doing now if your "hearts" WERE "pure".'

'How can "hearts" be impure?' the rabbit inquired, scratching one ear.

'"Heart" in basic languages,' the owl replied, 'usually means what today we call "mind".'

'And our minds are not pure?' she continued, lowering her eyes.

'The word "purity" means undiluted, or wholeness, and nothing else whatever,' the owl explained patiently, 'but you are split, and so "impure".'

'So that is why I cannot see God,' mused the rabbit.

'"Seeing God" is "being God with mind which is whole",' the owl insisted, 'so that "the Whole-in-Mind shall be God, and so shall be blessed", as so perfectly stated; also the word "whole" is the same word as "holy"--- as our friend here would probably prefer to call it.'

'That is so,' confirmed the unicorn, 'holy it is indeed.'

'Then you mean...?' suggested the rabbit.

'Such is what God is,' the owl hooted,raising his great wings, 'and only God is WHOLE.'

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