Monday, October 11, 2010

suffer > L ferre (to bear), sub (under)

The "human organism" is naturally, functionally "self-referencing."

This is necessary for survival and is not, in itself, the "delivery system" for suffering.

It is the mistaken sense that this organism has the additional ability to somehow STAND APART from itself - to create its thoughts, feelings, and actions - that puts it in position for carrying the burdens of guilt and shame when things don't go as planned (or of pride and conceit when they do).

This "mistaken sense" is chimerical, and may be exposed as such, in the "all -inclusiveness" of present awareness.


  1. The jewel of the mind
    All encompassing, and incorruptible

    The inner wisdom-teacher
    The glow of immediate awareness

    The seed of the world’s joy
    And the remedy for the world’s suffering.

  2. Thanks, Vareda, for your interest and this lovely verse.