Friday, July 16, 2010

Source-Inconceivable by Wei Wu Wei

WE ARE UNABLE TO CONCEIVE ANYTHING THAT DOES NOT 'LAST', including time itself. Conception, that which is conceived, is in total subjection to the concept of duration.

From this it follows that the act of conceiving must be outside time and that conception itself, therefore, is temporal.

What we are as 'conceiving' is thereby seen to be inconceivable, and inconceivability can be said to be a definition of This-which-we-are.

This-Here-Now, which is I, is inconceivable because it is intemporal and non-finite. 'Conceiving' cannot conceive 'conceiving', therefore since whatever is conceivable cannot be what we are, what is inconceivable must necessarily be the inconceivable that cannot conceive itself.

Therefore our very inability to conceive what we are may be apprehended as a direct expression of what-we-are, and perhaps the only one we can know.

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