Monday, February 1, 2010

from Posthumous Pieces, ch.64

We are conditioned to regard the phenomenal as existent, but in order to apprehend what we are, such conditioning has to be discarded; what is sensorially perceived is then seen as the purely conceptual structure in mind which is all that it can be.---Wei Wu Wei


  1. "such conditioning has to be discarded" - by whom? There is no possessor of the conditioning, and no way (that I can see) to "get a handle" on it.

    So, a conceptual non-existent "me" is to conceptually but not actually, because there is no actually, "discard" or "let go" of some "idea" or "thing" or "concept" - whether it is S. Foxton or WWW or Randall Friend or whoever doing the imploring.

    Somewhere along the line, it falls apart - There is no one to do any thing, yet there is some thing that can be undone. That is as little help as the idea that there is no one and no thing to be done. It all ends up going in circles, and still no "where" to get any purchase, since the sense of self-doership seems to arise spontaneously, automatically, habitually, and without effort - it is the default, so to speak.

    It does come nicely back to WWW's bit about the truth being laid bare (which I can't find on here or Untruths anywhere) in the sense that there is an absolute limit to all the pointing.

  2. Or, as Wayne put it, the object of the pointing is for the seeker to chase his own tail so intensely that he disappears up his own ass!

  3. This pointer seems to be adressing the level of: apparent people "regarding the phenomenal as existent". If they can "do that", some of them can also understand (intellectually, at first) that the phenomenal is just that, apparent.
    This seems a good place to distinguish (as Wayne Liquorman does) between doing and authoring. There are apparently lots of people learning and unlearning things. No one here is saying that these people are the source/author of those accomplishments.
    Wei Wu Wei wrote about Truth being laid bare "via a series of untruths diminishing in inveracity in ratio to the pupil's apprehension of the falsity of what he is being taught." At the level of inseeing that "there is no one to do anything, and no thing to be done", wouldn't the whole question be moot?